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- by vernell7, 09/26/2011
my name is rick i have found some of the best chinese food in texas at the rooster chinese at 15222 west road at highway 6 in the copperfield area this is perfect old school chinese food you never find any more i can promise you the best won ton soup egg rolls house special fried rice egg fu young and more here you will ever eat tell lillie rick sent you for larger free portions of food to all saying that and frre dinners with a big new group of people worlds best is here.
- by Ruth, 02/17/2011
I was introduced to the Silver Palace by mutual friends one sunday after service.The following wk or so myself an another friend had lunch there. Thoughly enjoyed the food and was very impressed with the bathroom and over all cleanliness and up keep. Thanks Silver Palace
- by Just A Lil' Bit, 02/18/2007
My favorite Chinese Restaurant!: I have been going to Silver Palace for years. Each time I go, it's as if it were the first time ever going. I LOVE IT! The variety of food is great, always fresh, and reasonably priced. The service is always friendly. I know you'll have a nice dining experience once you've tried it. Ratings:

- by Jon S, Houston, TX, 12/8/2010
This is the first chinese buffet place I have found in Houston that serves the chinese food I know and love. Most of the chinese around me serve more "fancier" type of CF and I just want some chicken fingers, egg rolls, spare ribs, etc. This place has it and it tastes pretty darn good IMHO. For dinner the price was about $9 per person which isn't horrible. They also have some american food and even a little sushi section to add variety. I went on a Thursday night around 6pm and there was a good size crowd there but it has enough spaces that I didn't feel cramped at either my table of the buffet. The place seemed clean and service was good on refilling our water. Just writing this review makes me want to go back and gore myself into happy bliss. Also! They have a waving cat.
- by Meighan M. Houston, TX, 9/10/2011
Fresh Food and plenty of variety!

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- by Angie, 9/18/2011
Ive been going 2 this place 4 quite some time i think its just great i wouldnt go anywhere else 4 this type of food ive been 2 other places but theyre simply nothing like it.....i just love it!!!
- by WBHallows, 9/9/2011
Excellent selection. Food was fresh and changed often.
- by Susan, 6/29/2011
The buffet stayed fresh and stocked. Also the food was wonderful. I would recommend the sauteed crab it was awesome. Ratings:

- by Pam B, March 25, 2006
I highly recommend the food at Silver Palace. I am not normally a fan of buffets, but this is exceptional. These people have been in business a long time, most of the offerings in their buffet are outstanding, and there is a huge selection. Well worth the price.